Our Vision

We desire to position ourselves in your Financial World as a Macro Manager.

People acquire a variety of Financial products and services. Frequently we find these are not always Coordinated, or complementary to each other. Your Financial Success occurs when All Products, and Services are Coordinated and Integrated.

We start with a 10,000' view to make SURE your Decisions Create the Results you Desire!

Our Story

My background is in Engineering. When I started to learn about Financial Decision Making, I leaned a key fact:

Money is Legislation.

Now we establish our Principles for Design. Our principles are verifiable. We believe:

The Tax Code is written for Two People: Those who Understand it, and Those who Don't.

Let us help you Understand.

Meet the Owner

John Dickinson Created SouthWest Life & Wealth to Teach, Empower and give to All who Desire

Financial Freedom


John Dickinson

Founder - Principal 

I Started SouthWest Life & Wealth out of my Journey to Financial Independence. Discovering Hurdles I faced as a Young Family man and Business Owner; I knew there was a better way!

Now I strive to share the Knowledge of Financial Decision Making. My hope is that others will become Empowered, and begin their own Journey Toward Secure Wealth.

Action Creates Change!

Contact us for more information to get you started on a path toward financial freedom.